Liquid Phosphoric Acid

Liquid Phosphoric Acid


Synonyms Orthophosphoric acid, Profos 23P
Composition 52/53% Phosphorous pent oxide (P2O5), Phosphorous 23% P
Molecular formula H3PO4
Appearance Pale straw colour, viscous liquid, slight sediment
Corrosive Contact with liquid causes severe damage to skin and eyes
Packaging materials Use original container.

Effects and symptoms : Causes burns to skin, eyes and gastrointestinal tract. Mist irritant to the respiratory tract. Fluid build-up on the lung (Pulmonary oedema) may occur up to 48 hours after exposure and could prove fatal.


Handling and Storage

  • Handling - Avoid contact with eyes / skin and do not breathe mist / vapour.
  • Storage - Keep in original container if possible, away from strong bases and metals. Keep containers indoors and tightly closed (Crystallisation may occur in cold weather).

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