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Liquid Phosphoric Acid

Effects and symptoms : Causes burns to skin, eyes and gastrointestinal tract. Mist irritant to the respiratory tract. Fluid build-up on the lung (Pulmonary oedema) may occur up to 48 hours after exposure and could prove fatal.


Handling and Storage

  • Handling - Avoid contact with eyes / skin and do not breathe mist / vapour.
  • Storage - Keep in original container if possible, away from strong bases and metals. Keep containers indoors and tightly closed (Crystallisation may occur in cold weather).


Synonyms Orthophosphoric acid, Profos 23P
Composition 52/53% Phosphorous pent oxide (P2O5), Phosphorous 23% P
Molecular formula H3PO4
Appearance Pale straw colour, viscous liquid, slight sediment
Corrosive Contact with liquid causes severe damage to skin and eyes
Packaging materials Use original container.