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Liquid Fertilizers

Ampli Boost

Complete Bio-organic Catalyst concentrate containing Nitrogen , humates and vitamins, to enhance growth and health in plants. Stimulates micro organisms to increase the biodiversity in soils.

Unique selling points:

  • A blend of Nitrogen, (UAN based) organic catalysts and specific microbes
  • The

Ampli Digest

Apply directly to stubble or crop residue through Boomspray, rrigation, sprinkler systems. Do not apply when conditions are xtremely hot. Best applied early mornings or late afternoons. Stubble should be incorporated into the sop 5cm of soil or at least flattened if no-till.

We strongly recommend to apply 40 - 100 kg per hectare of


Ampli Phos

A concentrated neutral polyPhosphate solution complexed with organic catalysts that can be used as a starter and foliar fertiliser. Unique formulation which support the energy system in plants and availability of Phosphate in soils.


Unique selling points:

  • Suspension iquid concentrate with

Ampli Stim

Complexed organic concentrate from the sea. It provides plant nutrients and organic acids in an organic form, promote nutrient cycling in the soil and increase plant physiological activity.


Ampli Vite

Complexed organic concentrate containing humates, plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes and bio stimulants, to enhance nutrient cycling & increase plant production.


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