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Frozen Beef

Frozen Beef

Long shelf stability and cost-effective prices of our frozen beef are the reason behind our worldwide recognition. Commercial Overseas Trade is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and we operate as a frozen beef supplier, importer and exporter across the world.

The complete assortment of raw material sourced undergoes stern examinations by the professionals to keep the quality standards high. Owing to this, we are capable of bringing forth exceptional quality products. Interested buyers can place orders with us, timely delivery of the same are our foremost concern. So, to place retail and bulk orders, ring us on the given numbers.

Range :

  • Topsides
  • Fore quarter flanks bone in/ boneless 70VL
  • Silversides (skin on/off)
  • Hind quarter flanks bone in
  • Silverside Flats (skin on/off)
  • Brisket on the bone/boneless
  • Knuckles
  • Brisket Ears
  • Rumps
  • Jacobs Ladders on the bone
  • Rump tails
  • Shin/Leg bone in /boneless
  • Rump Hearts
  • Heel muscles
  • Sirloin on the bone
  • Clod and necks
  • Sirloin Boneless Various sizes and grades/specs
  • Chuck roll
  • Fillets Chain on/off various sizes and grades
  • LMC single/double muscle
  • Fore Ribs on the bone/carve,
  • Feather blades
  • RibEyes various sizes and grades
  • Chuck tenders

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