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Drum Salted Kangaroo Skin

Only premium packaging material has been used for the safe packing of our products which ensures that only defect-free range is delivered at buyer's end. Adequate packaging assures the safe transit and flawless delivery. We have developed robust payment processing procedures to facilitate safe and quick exchange of the trade.



  • Small - 3 - 5 Sq Ft (Av 4.0 - 4.25 Sq Ft)
  • Medium - 5 - 7 St Ft (Av 6.0 - 6.25 Sq Ft)
  • Large - 7up (Av 7.5 to 8 Sq Ft)
  • Fourth Grade - sold as under 7 Sq Ft and over 7 Sq Ft


Selection : Sold as Table Run (selected as First, Second and Third grade together) and Fourth grade

  • First grade - Good shape, almost totally free of defects, light healed scars, cut on edge only.
  • Second grade - slight unhealed scars, parasite marks, healed scars, slightly misshapen
  • Third grade - misshapen, unhealed scars and parasite damage, healed scars. May have holes in prime area.
  • Fourth Grade - sold as under 7 Sq Ft and over 7 Sq Ft


Shipping : All Skins are shipped on wooden ISPM No.15 Standard pallets. Pickled Skins are wrapped in plastic, all shipped in twenty foot containers


Pickled Pickled Kangaroo skins are offered in size range and selection.
Wetblue Graded in pickle as per standard selection.
Winter Fur Selection Selected in raw state for density, hair length and pelt quality.
Finished Leather Processed to finished leather as per customer requirements.