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Drum Salted Goat Skin

We have hired quality auditors who keep a strict check on the quality of the raw materials and also check the inputs against varied quality parameters before procuring them. We are immensely accredited for delivering the orders within the stipulated time frame as we have the latest transportation facilities.



  • Small - 3-5 Sq Ft (Av 4.0-4.25 Sq Ft)
  • Medium - 5-7 St Ft (Av 6.0-6.25 Sq Ft)
  • Large - 7up (Av 7.5 to 8 Sq Ft)


Pallets and Shipping : All Drum Salted Goat Hides are shipped on wooden ISPM No.15 Standard pallets. Drum Salted Goat Skin is shipped in 20 ft. containers holding approximately twenty one thousand kilos.


Selection Machine flayed, selection 80/20
Use Belt, Furniture, Garment, etc.
Pattern Dry Salted
Usage Industrial