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Coco Peat Blocks

With latest machines and technology, we ensure that the raw material used is as per the globally accepted standards and meet the international standards. We deliver the quality products that are manufactured using the best raw material. As we have an extensive distribution system; we can gratify patrons by fulfilling massive requirements and making delivery as per schedule. These Coco Peat Blocks have various anti-fungal properties, which promotes natural rooting and growth.



Coco Peat Particle size Electrical conductivity(1:1.5 test) Particle size Moisture Uses
Grade fine Less Than 5mm Less Than 0.5ms/Cm 5.8-6.8 10-15% Seed raising, green house hydroponics growing, for salt sensitive plants and horticultural potting mixes.
Grade Standard Less Than 8mm Less Than 0.5ms/Cm 5.8-6.8 10-15% Seed raising substrates, mushroom grow medium-mix and special potting mixes
Grade Coarse 8mm To 10mm Less Than 1ms/Cm 5.8-6.8 10-15% Lawn and golf course constructors, hydroponics and soil conditioning
Grade fiber Unseived(15% Fiber) Greater Than 1ms/Cm 5.8-6.8 10-18% Soil conditioning, bedding in animal farms and as a absorbent for slippery floor

Technical Specifications

Weight 5kg
Coco Peat Block dimension (+2cm) 30x30x10 cm
Unit weight( +3%) 5 kg
Moisture Content in Peat Block 10 – 15 %
Compression ratio for Peat Blocks 0.209027778
Dehydrated yield 1litre 75 litres

Coco Peat 650g Block

Weight   650grams
Brick Dimension + 0.5 m) 20 x 10 x 5cm
Unit weight( +3%) 650 grams
Moisture Content 10 – 15 %
Compression ratio 0.334027778
Dehydrated yield 1litre 9 litres