Ampli Digest

Ampli Digest


Stubble Or Crop Residue All
Rate L/Ha 8 - 12
Particle Size Small

Apply directly to stubble or crop residue through Boomspray, rrigation, sprinkler systems. Do not apply when conditions are xtremely hot. Best applied early mornings or late afternoons. Stubble should be incorporated into the sop 5cm of soil or at least flattened if no-till.

We strongly recommend to apply 40 - 100 kg per hectare of Ammonium sulphate to further promote effectiveness. Spread over stubble. Can be dissolved at 1 kg/3 L water in spray tank and applied with AmpliDigest

The efficiency of any good stubble management program depends on the following:

  • CHARACTERISTICS of crop residue (herbaceous or woody)
  • Correct BIOLOGY (Example : Fungal beneficial for woody residues) to breakdown crop residue
  • The crop residue must be in CONTACT with the soil
  • PARTICLE SIZE – the smaller the better (bigger surface area)
  • Available MOISTURE will increase the breakdown rate

Unique selling points:

  • Balanced biological activator and digester - High Tannin and Lignin plants
  • Product used in conjunction with stubble management programme
  • Biology (Fungal beneficial)
  • Surface area – plant material in contact with soil
  • Particle size – the smaller the better
  • Excellent in no–till systems
  • Contains Humic Acids, a broad range of beneficial microbes, vitamins, trace elements and organic catalysts
  • Stimulates growth and activity of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms – promotes Fungal breakdown
  • This high energy, balanced biological approach promotes the rapid degradation of crop residues and stubble converting them to valuable humus in the soil
  • Increasing humus levels provides a host of benefits to the soil chemistry and biology Stubble retention returns nutrients to the soil, promotes water holding and reduces erosion
  • Improves soil structure and formation improving aeration
  • Real economic gains are delivered by ncreased production and better utilization f resources; after all you have already paid or the nutritional value of the stubble
  • Unstable – protect against sunlight and heat

Unieke Bemarkingspunte

  • Houtagtige residu verteerder (hoë tannienen lignien)
  • Gebalanseerde biologiese aktiveerderen verteerder
  • Bevat Humiensuur, voordelige mikro organismes, vitamiene, mikroelemente en organiese kataliste
  • Promofeer residu afbreek d.m.v. swam aktiwiteit stimulering – hoogste vorm van organiese Koolstof akkumulasie in grond
  • Oppervlak area – produk, stoppel moet in kontak wees met grond!
  • Hoe kleiner die stoppel partikels hoe beter is die afbreek
  • Vinnige volledig afbreek van stoppels op die mees effektiefste manier om organiese Koolstof te bewaar in die grond
  • Produk bevat lewendige organismes – stoor weg van hitte en UV lig – beperkte raklewe van 2 jaar
  • Het ‘n indirekte invloed op die verbetering van grondstruktuur, hersirkulering van voedingstowwe terug na die grond
  • Gebruik Ammoniumsulfaat (20 kg/ha) as aanvulling na veral goeie jare met baie reste op die lande
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