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Ampli Boost

Complete Bio-organic Catalyst concentrate containing Nitrogen , humates and vitamins, to enhance growth and health in plants. Stimulates micro organisms to increase the biodiversity in soils.

Unique selling points:

  • A blend of Nitrogen, (UAN based) organic catalysts and specific microbes
  • The available Nitrogen source offers a complete remedy for maintaining health and vigor
  • Buffered with technical Humic Acid and an organic base, it offers an exceptional Nitrogen storage capacity to greatly reduce volatilization and leaching whilst reducing the incidence of leaf burn
  • This organic component further boosts the plant metabolism through greater uptake of nutrients enzyme production, hormone triggers and auxin response
  • Increase biological activity fast – spike in microbial activity
  • A diverse array of micro-organisms boosts overall health by balancing soil and leaf colonies to promote disease suppression and nutrient availability
  • An ideal product for all nutrition programs to give excellent boosts to growth, colour, shelf life, sugars and protein
  • Can be used as a “grass digester” – low in lignins and tannins
  • Very stable and safe product
  • Excellent on Turf (golfcourses/polo fields), pastures and landscaping
  • TV camera product – Instant colour – promote chlorophyll production (enzymes)
  • Compost starter inoculator

Unieke Bemarkingspunte

  • Gras of kruidagtige residu verteerder (lae lignien en tannien inhoud)
  • Stikstof (UAN) basis met bio-organiese kataliste
  • Ensieme promofeer chlorofilproduksie
  • Stimuleer biologiese metaboliese aktiwiteit vinnig (kort termyn)
  • Baie stabiel en veilig om te gebruik
  • Hoofsaaklik grondtoediening
  • Blaartoediening werk uitstekend op gras spesies (golfbane, weidings)
  • Word gebruik as kompos innokulant
  • Stimuleer ensiem, hormoon en ouksien produksie in die plant
  • Groen inkleurpotlood
  • Gebuffer met Humiensuur en ander organiese sure wat vervlugtiging enloging teewerk van toegediende Stikstof


Nitrogen 160 g/ kg
Organic acids 490 g/ kg
Benefits Nutrient Activator & Soil Catalyst