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Ammonium Nitrate Solution

We are a notable name in the domain offering the best in class and quality Ammonium Nitrate Solution. The reason we are capable of delivering the best in class range of products is because of the stern checking on the raw material while sourcing. By this, we bring forth quality products.


Effects and symptoms : May cause irritation to skin and eyes. If swallowed may cause gastrointestinal disorders and large doses may cause vomiting and collapse.


Physical State Liquid fertilizer as 19% or 21%)
Synonyms AN 19-L, AN 21-L
Composition Ammonium Nitrate 19% N or 21% N
Molecular formula NH4NO3
Appearance Light blue to colourless liquid, little or no odour
Eye contact Hazardous in case of eye contact.
Skin contact May cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Inhalation Vapour may cause irritation to the respiratory tract