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Processed Cashew Nuts

Processed Cashew Nuts

Ours is a well-established organization based in Johannesburg(South Africa) and in proximity to valuable resources. Our customer-centric approach while making online or offline procedures makes us a reliable name. We keep a close eye on the transactions made to keep all the information shared by the clients safe and confidential.

Specifications :

  • Varieties - W180, W210, W 240, W280, W320, W450, SW240, SW320, SW, SSW, DW WB, WS, SB, SS, LP, SSP, BB
  • Grades - US Fancy, US Standard, 1st Class, 2nd Class
  • Types - Whole, Scorched Whole, Broken, Splits, Pieces
  • Packing - Barrel vacuum packaging 22.68 kg Cartons, Tin bucket containing 10 kg / 2 barrels
  • Container Capacity - 20 FCL=705 cartons, 40 FCL= 933 cartons in regular packings