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Chicken Eggs

Chicken Eggs

With outstanding storage facilities, we are capable of making fast and urgent requirements of the customers. Owing to our automated and spacious infrastructure, we make systematic packaging followed by delivery to the clients in set time. We have become a preferred choice of the patrons owing to our timeliness and client-centric approach. These Chicken Eggs are white and medium brown in color with a thick and smooth shell.



Size Small, Medium, Big
Weight From 45gms to 60gms, 45gms to 49gms, 50 gms to 55 gms, 56gms to 60gms
Shell Color Chalky white color & medium brown shell
Features Thick albumen and medium dark yellow yolk
Shell Type Thick and smooth shell for the white and brown shell eggs
Free from New castle diseases
Avian influenza
Contagious diseases